What Is Colon Massage And How Is It Done?

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“A healthy gut leads to a healthy” is something easier said than done. Among all the things you do everyday, following a healthy diet and performing proper hygiene practices is one of the most difficult. We are all stuck in the spiral of our hectic lives and healthy eating habits that our gut seldom goes unnoticed. But maintaining colon hygiene is very essential to live a long and trouble less life. One of the ways you can achieve this is through colon massage and colonic. But not many people know about it.

What is Colon Massage?

The name sounds a little off-putting at first, but it’s simply a type of massage that focuses on the colon and the lower intestine. In fact, it’s many times less invasive than alternative types of therapies and because there is no contact with fecal matter, it carries very few risks for physical discomfort or infection. By definition, the procedure refers to the massaging of the colon and/or lower intestine (depending on your needs), either by hand or with some type of device. Many people who receive Colon massage believe – incorrectly – that they are undergoing surgery.

How Is It Done?

The procedure can be performed in a number of ways, but most commonly, it is either done by a massage therapist or by a physician. In some cases, a combination of both techniques might be used or it can also be done by self at home but only if you are trained enough or have enough knowledge about how to do it. In these instances, the massage therapist is responsible for manually applying a hot oil to the colon and/or lower intestine – just enough to warm up the area. Some people also prefer to get it done after a colonic treatment. The following process is followed:


  1. You lie on your back on a padded table, and your clothes may be removed. The massage therapist will apply a hot oil to the colon and/or lower intestine. This will warm up the area and help build better circulation.


  1. The massage therapist will place their hands lightly on the lower abdomen, as if feeling for any asymptomatic tension or distention of the colon. The massage therapist will then begin to press and knead the abdominal musculature to increase circulation and relax tension in the muscles.


  1. As the muscles begin to relax, they will become less rigid and distended, and you can feel more at ease with what is happening.


  1. The massage therapist will continue to gently massage the abdominal muscles to help them relax, and this will aid in better blood flow throughout the body, thus allowing for better nutrition absorption. They also massage on the horseshoe shape of the colon.


  1. Lastly, the massage therapist may also use a brush to gently cleanse and help loosen any hardened fecal matter accumulated within the colon and/or lower intestine, thus loosening any accumulations of fecal matter already present.

Benefits Of Colon Massage

There are several reasons why Colon massage, like colonic, is beneficial for many people – especially if their health is on the decline.

1.  Counteracting Poor Eating Habits And Eating Disorders

When someone has an eating disorder, they tend to inhibit the flow of food into the body. By massaging the intestines, you can help to relieve that stress on them – which in turn will impact their overall mood and behavior. Massage, as a general practice, does a lot for your body. Same is with colon massage. So, it is recommended to get it as much as required or prescribed.

2. Improve Elimination

By stimulating the colon, you are essentially getting the body to expel waste. This is helpful for people who have constipation, diarrhea, or irregularity issues. If your gut is healthy and your excretion is proper, you have lesser chances of catching diseases and infections.

3.  Relieve Depression And Anxiety

By stimulating the organs in the abdominal area, you can trigger a release of serotonin – which is a feel-good brain chemical that helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. Serotonin is also necessary for a balanced mood and mental clarity.

4.  Improve Digestion

There are several benefits of colon massage that pertain specifically to digestion as well as elimination. By massaging your intestines, you can stimulate the release of bile – which is essential for proper digestion and absorption – as well as stimulate blood flow to those areas of your body. This will help improve your overall digestion and your bowel movements as well.

5. Improvement Of Immune System

One of the most common causes for bowel problems is because of an insufficiently functioning or less active immune system. And colon massage works fine to boost its activity. The functioning of your gut directly affects your immune system. So, boosting your intestines and digestive system through a massage also boots your immune system.


If you feel like a colon massage is exactly what you need, you can book an appointment with us, Medlife Massage. We offer both, a colonic treatment and massage to help you get better starting from the first session itself.

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