What Is Angel Of Water Colon Cleanse?

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It’s no secret that all-natural colon cleansing is an important part of one’s health regime, but few people really know what colon hydrotherapy is.

Angel of water is referred to by many different names: Colonic, Colon irrigation, and Enema. It’s a natural and gentle procedure that involves introducing water into the colon via the rectum for the purpose of cleansing away toxins that have built up in your GI tract. You may wonder what makes this therapy so special? Well, given its flushing nature, it not only eliminates these undesirable toxins from your body but also helps to restore balance within your digestive system. Since your colon is lined with millions of absorbent cilia cells it makes sense that this is the only way to effectively rid your body of waste that has built up in this area.

How It Works

Colonic hydrotherapy is carried out using warm water that flows into the colon through a long enema nozzle attached to a bag. During the procedure an individual will be either on their hands and knees or in a reclining position. Then the stream of water is flown through the colon to get rid of the faeces through hydro pressure. This enables the individual to fully evacuate their bowels, which is helpful for both the release of trapped waste and the restoration of a healthy digestive system. They are then asked to release the nozzle at some point during this time to flush out any additional water that may still remain in the colon. The warm water stimulates the muscles of your colon, which triggers a reflex that releases even more toxins.


After this is completed, an individual will feel lighter and more refreshed. This cleansing method is extremely beneficial because it does not require invasive means of removing waste matter from your body.

Common Benefits

This therapy provides a wide range of health benefits. It’s particularly useful for individuals who suffer from recurring constipation. It works in conjunction with your diet, removing waste matter that is left behind after meals. However, it is vital that you are well hydrated during the angel of water cleansing process. This helps to ensure that your body is receiving adequate sustenance at all times. It’s also important to have enough fluids by drinking plenty of water before and after your procedure, alongside some decoctions of ginger or pumpkin seeds prior to starting. The following are the main benefits of getting colon hydrotherapy: 


Colon hydrotherapy has the ability to clear out the toxins in your system which include carcinogens, free radicals, and more. It also helps to eliminate the build-up of fat that accumulates in the colon. This mixture of unwanted substances is known as fecal matter. Once this is removed your body will be more fit than ever before.

Eliminating Constipation

This natural therapy is excellent for eliminating constipation because it works on all levels of your digestive system. It helps to naturally get your system back on track and functioning properly. This can help you to feel lighter, healthier, and more energized. Constipation has become a very common problem these days because of hectic lifestyle and lack of time for personal care. But what people do not realize is that digestive system hygiene is the most important for the overall hygiene of the body. So, Colon hydrotherapy is the best way of eliminating constipation.

Getting Rid of Gas & Bloating

If you suffer from excessive gas and bloating on a regular basis then this therapy can really help you out. Angel of water colon cleansing helps to flush waste material that causes these stomach aches. You can expect to experience relief from these stomach upsets within a few days after this procedure. Also, the involvement of water in the therapy will cleanse you out internally. This will make you feel lighter and refreshed.

Improving Digestion & Eliminating Toxins

The colon is an important part of the digestive system that plays an important role in getting rid of waste. It also plays a major role in keeping your intestines healthy and free of bacteria, which means it’s very important to get Colon Hydrotherapy if you want to keep your system from deteriorating from age. It is also helpful for people with digestive problems and if they have excessive trouble with getting rid of their waste.

Rejuvenating the Immune System

Your immune system consists of white blood cells called T-cells which are responsible for protecting your body from bacteria. It is also an interesting fact that the strength of your immune system greatly depends on the health of your digestive system. Since angel of water colon cleansing is very effective in cleansing your colon, it also helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs that can harm your immune system.


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