How Does An Ionic Foot Massage Help Your Body?

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In an effort to get a healthy new start, many people decide to cleanse their bodies, thinking that their colon and liver need last-minute detoxification. However, it turns out that the cleansing process could be having unexpected consequences on the rest of your body. A recent study found that taking a foot bath or going for an ionic foot massage or shower twice a day for four hours was more effective than laxative-based cleansing in actually helping with weight loss and other health risks. Even going one step further with such a drastic lifestyle change would also assist with depression and anxiety.


This might sound like a strange way for someone to begin their weight loss journey, but the benefits are rather shocking. According to a health blogger who did the study, cleansing your body in this way helps with stress reduction. Stress not only causes weight gain but can even make you gain heavier poundage over time. This stress reduction as a reaction to excretion had been documented in previous studies stating that being dehydrated kept your body from releasing cortisol, the hormone that makes you sweat and increases your heart rate. So having a foot bath while relieving uncomfortable emotions could actually go a long way towards helping with weight loss and mental issues if you want to lose some pounds fast.

How Does An Ionic Foot Detox Help Your Body?

How Does An Ionic Foot Detox Help Your Body?

When you take a foot bath, it works with your kidneys and liver pumping out toxins from your body and into the water. When you do this, it cleanses your body of these toxins that have been stored in fat cells. All of this is done without harming the heart or other organs involved in the process of pumping out those toxins. On a mental level, you may be less stressed because your body will be able to deal with whatever emotions come up for you during the process.

What is an ionic foot massage?

Ionic foot massage is a process where you take your feet into the shower and scrub away at them to rid your colon of deposits that can form in the body. This starts with your feet because these are some of the easiest parts of your body to clean. The process involves simply taking a nice hot shower and scrubbing at them for 4-5 minutes at a time.

Lately, there has been some interest in detoxing your body by doing this, but what about other parts? If you want to really get rid of toxins from the rest of your body, it may be better to consider an ionic foot detox for each part of it.

What are the benefits of ionic foot massage?

The benefits of a foot detox are many and include both physical and mental benefits. Some of the most common physical benefits include weight loss, general health, and stress relief. The mental benefits of detoxifying your body can be more difficult to quantify because you can’t be sure what is causing these changes in behavior. So far, however, many people have found that this type of detoxification helps with stabilizing moods when they get out-of-sync.

Is it safe?

Many people assume that because they are taking a bath or shower to clean their skin with water that the process will not be harmful to their bodies if done correctly. However, the body actually produces toxins that can be harmful to your heart and other vital organs. The ionic foot detox removes the majority of these toxins safely and without any risk of organ malfunction because it only works with your skin. You will also find that you feel healthier overall and have more energy immediately after getting out of the shower.


If you want to try this, here is a quick step by step process that will help you get started:


Step 1) Find a nice hot shower and put all clothing related to the foot detox in the washer with warm water.

Step 2) Scrub each part for approximately 4-5 minutes each part to remove any dead skin or excess oils from your feet.

Step 3) After scrubbing, take a nice hot shower and dry your feet thoroughly.

Step 4) Repeat the process twice per day for 4 hours for best results.


The most important part of this process is to make sure you are completely comfortable with this lifestyle change. If you feel as though your body needs to detox after taking a shower, then it will not be as effective. Your skin will just be taking in additional toxins that will not help your overall health. 


How does an ionic foot massage works?


Foot detox is a great way to rid your body of toxins that can build up in the system. It is also a way to help with mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. After you have completed your foot detox and feel as though your body has been refreshed by the process, try going one step further and detoxing every part of your body with this method. If you want to lose weight fast, then consider an ionic foot detox for each part of your body because it will only help you get faster results.


How to use an ionic foot detox machine?


Using a foot detox machine is an effective method for getting rid of toxins from your body. This helps with weight loss and reducing stress. Since there are many benefits of using a foot detox machine, it’s important to know how to use this process in order to get the best results possible. If you do not use these machines correctly, you may find that the process takes longer than you expected and that it is not as effective as it should be.


Foods like coffee, tea, soda, wine, and alcohol are all known for causing people to become irritable as well as having a negative impact on their health. There are many different ways to detox the body with these products. For example, coffee can be a great fuel source for energy when you need it but it is not good for your system. Drinking alcohol can also make it so that you sleep poorly and wake up with a headache. Sometimes when someone is trying to get an energy boost from caffeine, they may also consume some of these other products in hopes of getting the same results. The problem with this is that it’s very hard to tell which things are causing you to feel a certain way when you consume them all at the same time.


An ionic foot massage diet can help with this process by controlling levels of these products in your system. You may find that your energy levels increase dramatically and that you begin to feel better overall. A person who is not familiar with using this type of detox may be worried that they will not have any energy without these products, but this is not the case at all. These products are not actually giving you energy, they are just helping you feel a certain way. It is important to note that if you get addicted to these products, your body will not be able to function without them.


The ionic foot massage process can help you feel better overall and may even help with your mental issues as well. Many people with insomnia or anxiety have found that they are able to relax easier after undergoing an ionic food detox because their bodies are not running on these addictive products anymore. Also, if you’re constantly drinking alcohol or coffee on a daily basis then you may find that this works really well for helping your body recover from those substances more quickly than it would without the aid of an ionic food detox.


This is all about ionic foot massage that you need to know. Though, if you are certain about getting it for yourself, then you can consult Medlife Massage.


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